Other Areas Where I Serve My Clients

As an essential property feature, your roof requires servicing of high standards. If you want to make sure you receive a professional roofing service, choosing Keister's Roofing and Siding for the job is one of the best options you’ve got. Expertly serving with acute knowledge and experience in the business, I have turned my roofing company into one of the top-listed contractors around.

Along with outstanding roof work and a one-of-a-kind siding service, I provide a variety of property improvements for residential and commercial clients. From deck and porch repairs to various general exterior repairs, and additions, you can address your needs to me. I have 30 years of experience, working with highly professional subcontractors for the different jobs.

Following manufacturer instructions, I aim to provide a proper execution of any project I undertake and go beyond my clients’ expectations. Licensed and insured, I keep a proven track record of success regarding each work I have undertaken over the years. I await your calls which you can make at (570) 768-6050 to schedule a service or learn more about me. I guarantee your complete satisfaction.

You can get in touch with me to start your project, wherever in Milton, PA or the following regions you may be. Don’t forget, I am available 24/7 for emergencies only, so you’d better arrange an appointment first. Check the areas below and give me a call, and I won’t hesitate to answer. I’m looking forward to receiving your calls.

  • West Milton,PA;
  • Potts Grove,PA;
  • Montandon,PA;
  • New Columbia,PA;
  • Lewisburg,PA

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